Telophase is now live on! It’s available to play on Windows and PC, and you must have an Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller in order to play! We’d love to hear your guys’ tho... Read More

Release Date!

Breaking news! Our tentative release date is set for April 13th with Steam! Provided all approvals go well, our game should go live that day! Keep an eye out for the coming soon page on Steam, we̵... Read More

Level Progression

Our incredibly talented environmental artist, Chantelle, put this together! Here’s a peek into how our team’s focus on iteration has really come to fruition. We take feedback from our spri... Read More

Sprint 7

This is expected to be our second-to-last sprint! Much of it was spent polishing and getting last minute assets in. As of late February, we are officially known as Telophase Studios, LLC! This sprint ... Read More

Sprint 4

After the break, our team spent the first sprint refining and polishing old assets. Here’s a list of what we accomplished for sprint four, which ran from the beginning of the semester, January 9... Read More