Sprint 2 ran from October 31st to November 14th! Below are all the changes implemented for 2.1:


  • New Enemy: The Swarmer
  • New Boss: Bastet
  • Screen Shake
  • Level Pooling
  • Player now respawns after falling into pit
  • New debug UI
  • Chaser enemy now lunges to attack
  • Player can now dash over pits


  • Enemy aesthetic + animation– Lunger (Caracal)
  • Enemy aesthetic + animation – Swarmer (Cat)
  • Boss aesthetic + animation – Bastet
  • Turret aesthetic – Cat Statue
  • Various tiles
  • Wall tile revamp
  • Most artists learned/used Sourcetree


  • Created second stage boss design (first boss of the dev cycle)
  • Created two unique enemy designs and mechanics
  • Created four level designs
  • Created boss level

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