Below are the changes we implemented moving from our prototype build to our first (beta) phase – 1.1! Sprint 1 ran from October 17th-31st. 


  • Combo system & floating points text
  • Reworked enemy structure. All enemies extend a base “Enemy” class
  • Chaser enemy
  • Scene manager (manages level progression)
  • Pits are more consistent
  • Walls now have colliders
  • Health Pickups
  • Removed 8-directional movement and dash


  • Research perspectives and ultimately decided not to go with isometric
  • Conceptualized enemy assets
  • Created beginning level floor tiles
  • Created orbital enemy, “Ba”, asset and animation
  • Created main character asset and running animation


  • Conduct market analysis
  • Create enemy design master document
  • Create three level designs
  • Implemented three level designs

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