We didn’t get a full fourth sprint in at the end of the semester, so sprint 3.5 was spent refining past assets, mechanics, and making sure Telophase was feature-complete for EAE Play. It ran from November 28th to December 8th. Though it was the shortest sprint, it was, by far, the most task-heavy! Here’s what we did below:


  • Fixed an issue with layers causing problems in the level
  • Setup the player animation controller
  • Refactor an enemy prefab
  • Introduced an area-of-effect attack
  • Setup the lunger enemy animation controller
  • Created a tutorial level
  • Created tutorial pop-ups
  • Setup the chaser enemy animation controller
  • Created game over scene
  • Created a main menu
  • Created and implemented a more refined “pixel-perfect” rendering system
  • Modified previous bosses to fit the new pixel-perfect system
  • Setup the turret enemy animation controller
  • Fixed the recall bug
  • Setup the swarmer enemy animation controller
  • Created options for the pause menu


  • Fixed cat turret sprite perspective
  • Refined lunger and chaser sprites
  • Implemented lighting in all levels
  • Created assets to match the new lighting
  • Created and implemented an idle animation for the main character
  • Resized all of the art assets to fit the new pixel-perfect system
  • Shifted all of the assets to the correct integer to work with the pixel-perfect system
  • Created animations for the “shadow stalker” enemy
  • Refined tiles for the “Bastet” stage
  • Created Anubis sprite
  • Refined “chariot archer”/”fire lion” animations


  • All designers refined previous levels for all stages/sprints, correcting their size and ensuring they would work with the new pixel-perfect system. This included re-placing all enemies in a more strategic location, and extensive play-testing to ensure new level sizes were intuitive and not too expansive.
  • Created tutorial level design

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