After the break, our team spent the first sprint refining and polishing old assets. Here’s a list of what we accomplished for sprint four, which ran from the beginning of the semester, January 9th – January 23rd:


  • Added in an AoE cool down meter
  • Fixed the animation controller for our sun lion enemy


  • Created “mummified” versions of our final boss asset for Anubis
  • Created a new asset for the lunger enemy, the Caracal
  • Created an asset for the health pick-up
  • Created door assets and animations
  • Created Anubis stage tile sets


  • Third pass over for resizing the levels
  • First draft of Anubis’ level design


  • Created the team’s official Twitter account! Go follow us at @telophasestudio! Link is also in the website’s banner 🙂

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