This is expected to be our second-to-last sprint! Much of it was spent polishing and getting last minute assets in. As of late February, we are officially known as Telophase Studios, LLC! This sprint ran from¬†February 21st – March 6th (still in-progress; expect updates after tomorrow’s build review!):


  • Ported Ra levels to new pit generation
  • Iterated on cat turret’s animation code
  • Cleaned up scene transitions
  • Fixed Shadow Stalker wall bug


  • Created new directional indicator to show player where shadow will be thrown
  • Created transition screen animation
  • Update controller schematic to fit with aesthetic theme
  • Implement assets for Anubis levels
  • Third pass on Ra stage assets
  • Finished Anubis attack animations
  • Finished Anubis idle animations


  • Began collecting sounds for final build of the game


  • Finalized LLC paperwork! We are officially¬†Telophase Studios, LLC – registered in the state of Utah!
  • Will begin Steamworks process to publish on Steam as of this week

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