January 24th-February 6th:


  • Created the state machine for the Anubis boss/stage
  • Created the framework for Anubis’ movements
  • Implemented enemy sprites flickering upon collision
  • Implemented the player sprite flickering upon collision
  • Removed visible enemy health bars
  • Implemented the sound manager


  • Iterated on Bastet’s attack animation
  • “Mummify” lunger sprite
  • Created health drop asset
  • Designed sprites and animations for doors between levels
  • Created different pit tile assets for all stages
  • Iterated on the previous Anubis tile sets
  • Iterated on the previous Ra tile sets
  • New player movement and idle animations


  • Resized all levels to fit fast gameplay style
  • Generate all new levels, including enemy re-implementation
  • Finalize Anubis stage
  • Worked with art team to tweak player behavior to mirror sprite tweaks

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