February 7th – February 20th:


  • Migrate project input over to XCI input
  • Iterated on player movement: only allow dash upon full heath
  • Iterated on player mechanic: only recharge dash upon full health
  • Tested out removing the player dash mechanic
  • Polished Ra code
  • Implemented door transitions
  • Implemented camera aim feature
  • Implemented Shadow Stalker enemy
  • Implemented new recall functionality
  • Implemented animation for Sun Lion
  • Implemented boss invulnerability particles
  • Implemented Anubis collisions
  • Implemented ability to recall while moving
  • Implemented “ethereal” background and particle effects for Anubis stages
  • Polished Bastet code
  • Implemented new UI assets
  • Created “settings” file


  • Iterated on health pick-up asset and added glow
  • Created UI buttons for menus
  • Created a text box
  • Tweak sprite slices in Unity
  • Created health bar for the UI
  • Created combo meter bar for the UI
  • Created individual bars for each boss for the UI (Bastet, Ra, Anubis)
  • Refine lunger animations


  • Iterate on previous versions of every single level (refining layout, enemy placement, size)
  • Iterate and finalize Anubis stage level designs

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